Black Friday/cyber Monday Hero or zero??

Black Friday and cyber Monday have come and gone once again. I see some sellers basking in the glory of their stacks of packages while others are left wondering why they didn’t receive the sales they had expected. In this business there are no real guides to how this works and how to manage expectations. So much of that is because the inventory that we all sell varies so much. If you are selling items that make great holiday gifts, or could be used at a holiday party you most likely had a great weekend. If you sell gardening tools perhaps it was slower, but you expected that right?

Expectations must be managed if you want to be successful. Unrealistic expectations will leave you feeling like a failure. Feelings of failure can lead to burn out and eventually waving the white flag. 

So how do you know what is realistic for you? You don’t that’s the problem. You can’t compare to other businesses because your inventory is different, length in business is different, return policies are different, there is actually little in common. So what do I suggest?  This is what has helped me manage expectations. 

Every day without fail keep a log of how many items you listed, how many items you have for sale, how many items sold, and what your total sales were. This way when next year rolls around and you are trying to manage your expectations you can do it based on your data and not someone else’s.